Warehouse Management

We treat ours as a fulfillment business contribution to ensure sustainable YOY growth for our customers.

And for that, we manage close to 0.15 million sq. ft. of warehouse space at multiple locations across the country. These include a mix of built-to-suit, dedicated and multi-user warehouses. We are also adept in handling the existing warehouses of customers to generate optimal efficiencies in them. Our warehouse operations use latest and proprietary technologies for improved productivity and increased efficiency. Our system runs on a structured process flow for each sub operation and tracking metrics.

We are dedicated players in the fulfillment industry aimed at giving small businesses a top-notch fulfillment service. We have some of the best rates, and low start-up costs. In addition to standard storage in our own warehouses, we also organize unique pick-up service that enables you to keep your inventory closer at hand.

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